Monday, January 11, 2010

Smock IGP

Does it count as an IGP (Instant Gratification Project) if it took me more than an hour? This is the second IGP I've done in a week...I'm on a roll. Last week I did a small table runner for my table. It turned out well too, but no pictures...sorry.

I started working on this smock yesterday morning and then finished it today. Penny has gotten marker on quite a few shirts (which is why we color/paint in the buff anymore) and I finally buckled down and went to walmart to buy some vinyl to make her a smock.

She loves happy faces, so this one hit the spot.

Complete with front pocket.

It will keep her clean from chin to toe, or so I'm hoping. This was a two piece design. A rectangle with a hole cut out in the middle and a slit in the back. The second piece was another small rectangle used for the overlap of magnets/washers. I sewed the side-seams together with a zig-zag stitch and some binding behind it to hold it in place.
I thought this was a great design of mine. Magnets instead of ties. It makes going on and off easy. I used washers and magnets. For the washers, I only needed to sew them in place in the middle. For the magnets, I sewed off a little square for them to sit in and closed it up with the binding.
She was all smiles when it was finished. IGP's feel good. =)


annie said...

That looks like it'll work GREAT! You weren't kidding with the chin to toe coverage! :o) I love I.G.P.s... and yes, this counts even though it took you more than an hour. I invented I.G.P.s so I just make up my own rules! :o) You can adopt them too.

momhirt said...

good jerb.