Monday, January 04, 2010


This was a picture taken to try to get someone on freecycle to come and pick up a mirror we didn't want.

Holy, don't-try-to-take-a-picture-from-an-angle-that-doesn't-show-the-aftermaths-of-the-tornado-that-blew-through-our-garage. Is this of the mirror, or the millions of boxes and cords strewn everywhere? Ha!

This is the business side of our should have seen the other side. However, I have an amazing husband who went through and spiffed it all up this weekend. Pretty soon (not yet, but pretty soon) I should be able to park my car in the garage. =)
Oh happy day!


Cristin said...

HA HA! Oh it is so good to see another garage as disastrous as mine. :)

Sean said...

Whatever you do don't mention why your husband has so much stuff in the garage:

The Mattesons said...

I just got my Yukon into the garage in October. We have been in this rental for just over a year, but we used the garage as a storage unit. Once the babies and winter came, Rikk decided it was time to move stuff to the storage trailer and makes some trips to Anchorage. I love having a garage again!