Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Wrestler

Dominic started wrestling a few weeks ago and they've already started meets (he started a few weeks late too). Its so fun to see him go at it! This particular meet he only wrestled once (and we waited almost 3 hours from when we checked in to get that match) and wrestled against a team mate and great friend Nathan. They wrestle together during practice and while they are the same height, Nathan is quite a bit stronger and has more meat on his bones (actual muscles). Its SO FUN to see them completely enjoy this sport. I love it. Enjoy!
(I couldn't figure out my indoor sports setting on my new camera so these are super blury. Sorry!)

Waiting for his name to be called and watching the others wrestle. His singlet was baggy, it was the smallest one they had by the time he got one. So cute.
Warming up. They both probably wrestled each other more in warm ups than they did in the actual match. There were a few times where we had to remind them that they weren't trying to hurt the other person, just pin them on their backs. AND, they made sound effects during warm-ups too. I love these little guys.
I am very proud of his enthusiasm for wrestling. He really LOVES it this year. Go Dominic Go!
The ref in the video says towards the end, "they're like two worms out there." A perfect description.


Julia Harps said...

baggie singlets are hot

howellblog said...

LOVE IT! Glad you posted- mine has me laughing the whole time at their cuteness! Funner to see them on a mat with the singlets than just on my family room carpet rolling around. They were both pretty persistent!

Spencer said...

Dominic rocks!

Nikki said...

That is so cute! We were just watching home videos of Adam's brother wrestling in high school and this was WAAAAY cuter (can't imagine why ;)). They look so confused and happy all at the same time!