Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I finally look pregnant

I am really crazy sometimes. I had so many things to do this particular morning and Penny asked if she could paint. She's really good about staying on her mat that is under the easel....and I'm usually always in the room with her when she's painting (though not always watching like a hawk). However, this particular morning....I NEEDED to shower at the particular time that she was painting. There was no way around it. She was having a great time painting...and I didn't want to tell her she needed to stop. She was in her zone. So, I did an absolute "NO NO. "

I told Penny that I was going to go upstairs to shower but she could continue to paint if she stayed on the mat. She could not come upstairs to tell mommy that she was all done. If she was all done, she had to sit on the stool and wait for mommy to come downstairs. As I'm relaying this information to her, I was calling myself crazy in the back of my mind....knowing that I was going to regret this but wanting to see how it would unfold. But in reality....I have my small carpet shampooer and I was prepared to not be disappointed if she didn't obey. She is only 2.

I went to take a shower.
Penny stayed on her mat.

She got creative and decided to paint with her hands. She was still painting with her hands on the paper when I came down (fastest shower of the century I tell ya). In fact, I startled her when I spoke because I think she thought she would get in trouble for using her hands.

I loved it! And there was no mess to clean up other than wash her hands. Who is this girl? lol
My belly is growing and Penny loves to snuggle it. She already loves this little baby and will often coddle him and kiss him and feed him (carrots today) and sing to him. She has announced/asked me a few times, "maybeeee the baby can come out and play today...kay?" Sorry Penny, I'm only 24 weeks.......I keep telling her he's not done cooking yet and we still have to wait.

She is going to be a GREAT big sister.
We got some Polly Pocket dolls for free off freecycle and I purchased a few more on Ebay for $10. She absolutely LOVES them and calls them her barbies. I love that they have underwear painted on and we don't have to have naked barbies around the house.
Dominic likes to read in interesting places lately. He's quite the bookworm and finds it a TREAT when I let him stay up as late as he wants if he is reading. Shhhh, don't tell!

Multi-tasking is hard. She's talking to me (Katie) on the phone while going potty and reading a good book. This is her designated potty book. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes for good toilet reading.
Friday night was a cold/rainy day. We got the fireplace going and all cuddled up for a movie. "Up" is a great family movie. Dominic and Penny were nice and cozy on the beanbag......

......while Daddy and I were nice and cozy on the couch. I love nights like this. =)
A few days ago there was a SLIGHT break in the weather and the kiddos were itching to play outside. It lasted about 20 minutes or so before Penny got chilly and wanted to slip inside my jacket to get warm (her hands were ice!) She loves her beanie (I think I got this beanie from Jon and Maggie about 5 or 6 years ago)

Super fly, dope drop kick. Take that!
Another amazing kick by Dominic. One of his favorite things to do is kick this ball (soft rubber $1 ball from Walmart) onto the side of the house and see how high he can get it to go. It can keep him busy for a long time.

I love those cheeks poking out of her hood.
Getting warm with Daddy so they can run outside to the car to grab something.

See? She brought the baby some plates so he could eat too.

My belly has definitely POPPED out and is showing. People now feel comfortable asking me when I'm due...which is great. For a while there people's eyes would avert to my stomach and then dart back up to my eyes like, " missed the gym much? Holidays treat you well?"

I love this stage in pregnancy when the baby is active, my energy is back and the buzz of a new baby is just around the corner. We're excited to welcome a new little boy into our lives and feel extremely humbled that the Lord has given us this opportunity once again.
Babies are such blessings.
And she hugged and snuggled with him.....popping her head up now and then to give him a big kiss or two.
Handsome boy after a Saturday shower.
He started whining about something. I was taking pictures of his whining because I wanted him to see how ridiculous he looks when he whines like a baby. It actually ended up making him laugh because I was laughing so hard at the pictures. And he agrees, he does look really silly when he whines.

Penny has learned how to draw her own smiley faces. I love how big the eyes are. How many can you see? She was so proud of herself. She then went on to trace around a toy plate (unprompted) which I thought was pretty creative on her part.... she made it all the way around except for where her wrist was in the way and then told me to come look at the circle she made. I was way impressed!

More to come, we took LOTS of pictures this week and since this blog is for us (we plan to print it out someday soon) I figured I can't get ENOUGH of our life on here to enjoy years and years down the road. Who needs to scrap book anymore? Not me!


annie said...

I love her smiley faces!!! SO CUTE! I can't wait to see all the other pictures too. It seems that I'm a photo junkie- even a lot on a blog post are not enough! :o)

Lisa said...

I was wanting to tell you after yesterday that you look so beautiful pregnant. You have the perfect little tummy, and it's only going to get cuter. I am glad you are showing it off.

With this cuddle-up weather, we have been watching a lot of family movies, too. Up is one of our favorites.

That is so sweet that Penny is bonding with the baby already. He will definitely recognize her voice when he comes out. Kaitlyn, too, likes to "hold" my tummy and give Rachel hugs and kisses. It's never too soon to start loving the baby!

Courtney M. said...

I just cannot get enough of the cute pictures of the kiddo's. I cannot tell you how much I want to squeeze them.

The Mattesons said...

Your family is just adorable Katie! And you look just beautiful preggers. Hope you are feeling well too.