Saturday, January 02, 2010

Dominic came home!

Dominic came home on Wednesday from a week in Alaska. We were so happy to have him back and Penny was all giggles about him. We met him at the airport with balloons (though we were late and met him on the sister Eva traveled with him).

He and Penny wasted no time getting hugs and kisses from eachother.
And they immediately started being goofy. I love when they laugh together. I love Dominic's genuine laugh/smile here.
Penny copies whatever her brother does....ALWAYS
While he was gone, Penny regressed in potty training. So we went back to the store and got some more potty toys (for pooping in the potty instead of her underwear) and some mini reeses from TJ's for when she is clean and dry and goes pee. So far it seems to be working again.

One thing is for sure. Dominic being gone effects her.

Other things are...Penny is having a hard time with naps since he left. I may have to give them up, but am still in denial about that. I'm hoping all will go back to normal in a few more days...we shall see. She used to sleep for like 2.5-4 hours at naptime uninturrupted. Now she's down for 45 minutes after it taking her 45 minutes to fall asleep and then she's up crying "mom, I just want to hold you." Her attitude says she's still tired, but she won't sleep unless I'm there....and I can't wait 4 hours of my day everyday in her room on the floor. Today was better so hopefully tomorrow will be too now that Dominic is back and our routine is getting back to normal.

A few times she's woken up at night and needed consoling, but thankfully it hasn't effected her night time sleeping too much.

Dominic doesn't realize how much he's missed when he's gone....just that he misses us. =) We sure love this big boy in our house.


Britty said...

That is the sweetest. How wonderful that they are so good together.

And don't give on the naps. There have been many crossroads where I could have given up, but I kept at it and we're still nappin away!

Homemade Addictions said...

Myla just turned four and is still napping! Just hold on we have gone through that before also and it always passes.
I'm glad you family is back together again. I know it has to be hard for everyone when he is away.

cambridgeclan said...

All of my toddlers have been difficult to get down for naps, but boy do they need them! Vacations always throw off our schedule. Everyone ends up home at our house and Catherine and I sometimes don't really know what to do:)

The Mattesons said...

Your kids are adorable together!

Good luck on the naps, hopefully she'll keep taking them. My kids quite between 18 months and two years. If Kyler falls asleep for even two minutes we are up until about midnight.