Sunday, January 10, 2010

Camera Dump

Penny has discovered goggles and likes to put them on in (or out) of the bathtub. Just this week she discovered the world of going underwater with goggles on. I'm not sure she's opening her eyes under the water with them on, but she's excited that her eyes are staying dry. =) Simple pleasures.
I love this picture......
She was so tired at church she fell asleep. She slept for the 2 minute ride home and then kept sleeping on the couch for another hour or so...she wanted her soft and cozy blanky and her mommy. ...... wonder how many flies she caught in that mouth? hair is ridiculous. I cut bangs on Sunday because it was driving me nuts. I like it again.
Wanna wrestle?

From the bathroom Penny yells, "mom, I've got a hat on!" I could not stop laughing. The pull-up is clean. We had just bought them that day (princess ones were on sale) and she wears these at night when she's sleeping.

She's such a goof.
Dominic still loves to HOLD Penny. He really only gets to do it if she falls asleep or is in a cuddly mood. He was in heaven in this picture. I knew Dominic would be a good big brother, but I didn't realize how amazingly in love with this little girl he would be. They are the best of friends. I love that.
Dominic made brownies all by himself the other night (Penny helped a little too with the stirring). He really likes cooking in the kitchen.
I found Dominic and Penny on the couch on Saturday reading a book together. Its moments like these that really make you smile.

Penny worships her brother. She does and says everything he does. Good thing Dominic is usually doing good things. Keep it up Dominic.....I'd love for Penny to turn out as great as you are.

One thing Dominic has loved to do lately is make his own smoothie concoction. He and Penny can down smoothies like nobody's business.......I don't object. His smoothies are usually strawberries, banana, OJ, carrot juice, soy milk, spinach, berries, kiwi, pineapple, avacado and apple (or a like combination). What mom would tell their kid no? We also swirl this with yogurt and make popsicles with whatever is left after they make one. Gotta love the vitamix.......

Did I tell you Sean has lost 25 pounds since we got the vitamix? He drinks a salad-like concoction every morning and while at work (he refuses to chew one because he doesn't like the texture, he'd rather drink it). About 32 ounces for breakfast and 32 ounces at work during the day. Spinach, carrot juice, avacado, cucumber, and wheat grass powder. Its not HORRIBLE, but I'd personally rather just chew it.

Yelling, "para, para NO NO NO." ("stop, stop NO NO NO") They've been learning Spanish and they get pretty giggly when they use it correctly. They were telling each other to stop drinking their smoothies.
Penny wanted to "snuggle with Daddy on the soft and cozie blanket." Penny is all for soft and cozy anything.....and really loves her Daddy. Also, this blue couch pillow was claimed by her and nobody else is allowed to use it, at least not when she's watching.

Penny was cold this particular she got inside Daddy's robe and warmed up. Nothing like a bed-head, sleepy eyed Matteson family picture!

Dominic has started doing some labeling for our business. This particular night he did over 300 labels and stuffed those 300 items with a card as well......he worked for a good 1.5-2 hours but he earned $10. Not bad for a 7 year old. He was stoked and so was Sean...... he was able to get other things done instead of labeling!

Penny and her friend Kaitlyn playing with play dough. This kept them entertained for quite a while. I love this activity if only I could find playdough that would never dry out. =)

Penny and Dominic LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. We have noticed this in the last few months and so now we have a playlist of DANCE songs that we'll turn on at night to wear them out. Its awesome to watch.

What songs do your kids like to dance to? We need some new ones. Our newest favorite is THE HOEDOWN SHOWDOWN by Miley Cyrus.
***boom boom clap.....boom de-clap de-clap***


momhirt said...

love all the pictures. the one with the goggles is a classic. and good for dominic learning to work!

annie said...

I love the goggles!! So cute.

I love having loving boys too. It makes me feel good knowing they love them little yidders. Even James loves to snuggle with Brenna when she'll let him. :o)

You have quite the talented duo of dancers!! HILARIOUS! :o) What a great way to burn off some energy before bed!! We would bust our moves after SYTYCD was over- good stuff! :o)

annie said...

Oh and I think that's called child labor.

Katy said...

your kids are adorable! Wait, you are pregnant right? cuz you don't look the slightest bit in that picture....

Esther said...

Way cute pictures! The sibling shots are my favorite, how fun that they get along so well.
I love your long hair Katie!

Sean said...

Yes I have lost quite a bit of weight. Thank goodness my wife has finally stopped calling me "fat face".

Katie said...

Weeeeeeell........ lol

(for the record, I've never called him fat face)