Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Penny brushing Daddy's hair. You can see the agony in his eyes, he must have tangles. She loves to brush hair.

They have matching PJ's.
This was the snow that put our power out for 24 hours......kinda whimpy, but it stuck for 2+ days and is still lingering though I think the rain today will take care of whats left of it. What you may not understand is that Cameron Park RARELY gets snow. Like maybe every 5 or 6 years it might snow and be gone by afternoon.
Our front door and the snowman we made. It was fun to watch him melt. He looks pretty silly today.

Penny insisted on wearing Dominic's bright orange FAIRBANKS GRIZZLIES hat. It was quite funny to see this girl in pink with a bright orange hat on. A guy in the store said her head was glowing. Needless to say she had VERY interesting hair all day.
See where the snow starts? Just over the hill was no snow.
Getting the gingerbread house started. This was a lot of fun eating/decorating with the kids this year. Penny liked putting stuff on, but would purposely stick her fingers in the icing on the house so she could lick it off. Dominic was really good at using the icing bag this year and outlined a few things (and then tired of it and handed it to me). He chose the patterns of what went where. He's very creative. Pictures of the finished product later...I guess I haven't taken any yet.
Getting cozy by the fire. I love this picture.

Penny's birthday present from Gma and Gpa Hirt arrived just in time for the snow and matched perfectly with her new black Ugg boots. She was only called a boy once.......I put a clip in her hair on this day so she looked more girly. =) I love the jacket though mom and so does Penny! Thank you!
She said she was pretending to be a Santa Hat.
Playing with baby 'Dzesus'. She makes funny noises when she plays with little things, very high pitched squeeky silliness. Its fun to listen. I'll try to catch it on video.


Eva Jane said...

I see you're moving up in the world, no more graham crackers for the gingerbread house?

The picture of Dominic and Penny by the fire is adorable!

momhirt said...

lots of good pictures. i thought the coat would be HUGE. it's not that big on her! she and dom are such a cute pair.

Katie said...

Its big on her.... but its fine. It will fit for another year or 2 also which is perfect. One size up and it would have been waaaaaaay too big for her to wear this year.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

I love the fireplace picture, very sweet.

Do you do your own gingerbread or is it a kit?

Katie said...

Costco kit. So much easier........