Sunday, December 06, 2009

Went to Bethlehem to be taxed

We had to go to Bethlehem again this year to be taxed (canned food). This is such a neat Christmas thing to do. The gym was decorated to look like Bethlehem and there was a market where you had to purchase your food and trinkets with gold (pebbles sprayed gold). Then there was a live nativity presentation that included audience participation in song. It was a great night bringing the 'reason for the season' back to Christ and his birth instead of Santa Clause.

Several people came up to me and told me how nice a boy Dominic is. That made me feel good. When sitting next to us while eating he struck up a conversation with a lady. It went something like this...I couldn't help but giggle as they chatted,

"So, are your children here?" (Dominic)
"Yes, they are around. Do you know my son? He's in 4th grade." (Lady)
"No, we don't get to play with the 4th graders at school. ....oh that kid? Yeah, I know who that is. Cool. I didn't know he was your son."
"Yep, he's my baby." (Lady)
"So, do you have other children?: (Dominic)

(this is where I lost it/couldn't stop giggling because about half way through the sentence he had to stop and finish swallowing and put up his hand for a second to let her know he wasn't done talking)

"Yep, they are older though, they are around. They have red hair." (Lady)
"Oh neat." (Dominic)

I just laughed. He was sparking up conversations like this all over the place. Other people said things like "Dominic came up and said he was getting food for his mom and that he wanted to pay double the gold. He was just so proper and polite and said thank you when he was all done getting food."

"Dominic shared his gold with my daughter, he's so sweet."

He got some juice and delivered it to his babysitter (Cassie) who was working at one of the booths because he thought she might be thirsty and the drink booth was all the way accross the gym.

He was just in a REALLY good mood yesterday and was just trying to make it such a pleasant experience for everyone around him. I love days like that. He's such a good boy.

We mostly just wore towels re-vamped to look like the appropriate attire, but there were some pretty neat costumes that we saw. Penny loved wearing her costume and told everyone she saw, "I'm wearing my costume!" She was being such a ham. I took it off eventually because it was bulky and she wanted to run around. She kept scooting away and saying, "What? I can't hear you!" At one point she said, "I'm going to get some more cookies dad okay." and tromped off.
It was a fun night.
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Julia Harps said...

that's sounds like a really cool activity. I am not surprised at dominics sweetness. He's a great kid. I love days like that too. It's a real pay day for mom.

momhirt said...

great post! we love you and your family...well, maybe not the cat..yet.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

I love the conversation bit. He'd be great at welcoming new people in...well..anywhere.

Jenny said...

This seems like such a fun night. Everyong is all smiles. Like I told Annie, sorry I haven't commented. It has been crazy around here. Stan and I have kept up with your posts through google reader though! How are you feeling?