Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Early Christmas

We got a letter from Santa (it was in our fireplace) that said he was coming early so that Dominic would have time to play with his toys before he left for Alaska. Santa is so cool.

Sidenote: we were the first house he visited this year and the first cookies he's tasted since last Christmas. How's that for awesome?

I snuck downstairs to see if I could catch him in the act, but he'd already come! He's so quick.

Christmas morning was full of great presents for the kiddos. We had so much fun opening all the presents and making a big mess with wrapping paper! We immediately put stuff together to start playing.

Penny's shopping cart needed assembly:
Dominic's racecar track needed assembly (remember the one Sam and Nephi got the year Jon was on his mission?) That thing was well loved and Santa must have known that Dominic would love one too.

Santa also knows our Penny very well and how much she loves to paint and draw. She was all smiles to get this out and paint.

Who wouldn't want to paint in their birthday suit?

On the back other side of the easel (which also has a white erase board underneath where she paints) is a chalkboard. Erasing what you draw is lots of fun too!

Messy curls are awesome.

They both loved this race car track. Penny giggled everytime her car went by. Dominic did some cool tricks and is pretty good at going fast without flying off the track.

More pictures to come. Thanks Santa and everyone else who sent presents to open. Each present is getting its own turn throughout the day and getting well loved.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Eva Jane said...

AWESOME!!! Santa knows best for sure.. I love the noodle poodle picture of Penny.

Jenny said...

Funny we were just thinking that you guys were on the same kid holiday rotation as us. We will also keep you guys and Dominic in our prayers. Give him a hug for us!

annie said...

That is GREAT! So now what do you do on Christmas?? :o) Did Santa bring ALL your gifts or just the ones for the kids? I'm excited that we get to see Dom soon! Have a vunderbar day!

Katie said...

What do you mean what will we do for Christmas? We already had Christmas. We did the whole was the same kind of Christmas, just early and when Christmas day actually rolls around, we'll probably be out organizing the garage....or painting some places in the house....something we would have done on Friday except that it was our Christmas. =)

Esther said...

Wow, Santa brought you lots of fun things! Your kids look so happy :)