Thursday, December 03, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Up went the tree. Lights were on and we started pulling out all the ornaments. We had SO was hard to choose, some of them didn't make the cut. =)

My belly looks weird and unnatural in this shot but I am definitely starting to show. =)

Penny went potty right before we started and didn't want to put her underwear back on sooooooooooo, she's not wearing any.

Love that little bum. Dominic was a great help this year putting up the ornaments. He could actually reach the higher parts of the tree and loved the memories of all our ornaments from years past. The best were the ornaments he made in past classes and nursery that had his pictures on them. He use to be such a little guy......

It was fun to put my old ornaments on the tree from when I was in elementary school. My mom gave me all my old ornaments last year at Christmas (and all the kids in my family) to put on my tree from now on. I was so grateful that they were still alive! They brought back so many memories. I'm grateful to all my teachers who made it a priority to do a Christmas craft of some kind to hang on the tree. =)
Keeping in line with tradition, Sean lifted Dominic up to put the Angel on the top of the tree.
Penny claimed Dominic's Santa hat so Dominic claimed Penny's this night. They were having so much fun being goofy and hugging each other. Its moments like this that you look at your kids and think..... "I couldn't ask for anything more right now."

I cannot decide on decor. Our walls are still very blank.


momhirt said...

oooo... you're tummy is growing! fun night putting up the tree. we need a picture of it all done up and finished.

Eva Jane said...

I love the picture of Dominic and Penny in the hats... and of course the on of Penny's little bum bum showing. tooooo cute!

Courtney M. said...

Can you email me a copy of the pic with them in the hats? I tried to steal a copy and the quality isn't too hot :'(

I love those kids, I just wanna squeeze em :)