Sunday, December 06, 2009

An all time low?

I took a picture of my cat yesterday. Yes, I've resorted to finding his cute-ness amusing enoug that I took A picture. He's resting his paw on the stair like he's so cool. He really is a good, funny cat.

Lately he's been more playful. I think he just didn't know the world of play yet. We got a laser and now he pounces things all the time. He loves his light, but on his own now will attack a random toy and bat it around the floor. Its pretty funny to watch.


Ali said...

That is one cool cat! That picture is hilarious!

Cristin said...

Oh, Katie, you remind me of my sister. She used to spend hours taking pictures of her cat. Not that you would spend hours, but it just cracks me up that you posted this picture on your blog.