Sunday, December 27, 2009

All Penny

Well, Dominic is in Alaska for the week spending Christmas with his Dad and we have this new camera just itching to be used a jillion times a day. So here are a FEW of Penny Poo Poo

This one is actually the old Camera, but it made the cut because its funny. =)

She loves this new toy that Dominic got. It shoots out these orange discs that the cat likes to chase to the floor. She plays this game with Oliver in stitches with laughter .....its fun to watch them.

Lately, I've gotten her to eat wierd things by playing the game:

"Everybody clap your hands" *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap (you know the song, she likes it)

Only, I then put in the thing I want her to do. 'Simon says' has worn off, so this is the new thing. In this picture I had said "Everybody eat your taco" and surprisingly, she took a bite.

(these were taken with a continuous option on the camera, it takes one every second until you let go)
Only, she didn't actually like it. lol But, it didn't stop her from continuing to play the game for another 7 bites or so. Do you like how she stacks her smoothie and water?

Coloring with two hands takes some serious concentration
She loves to peel her own oranges (cuties) lately. She loves it when she gets big pieces like this....and this one was extra special, it was a big piece with the sticker on it.
She's becoming quite the Picasso lately. I need to make her a smock though so that she can get used to painting with clothes on.
Making brownies with Mom is fun, especially when you get to eat some of the batter.

I just like this cheeky puckered shot.
This was after the said video at the bottom. She was so tired tonight because she didn't get a nap. Got to love that curl falling down in her face.
All tuckered out. I love how completely flat she is.
Snuggling with Daddy too is pretty great.

And then this video. Oh, Penny....we love you. She was being a stinker and wasn't consolable so I just put her down and walked away. Two minutes later this is what we found. Penny, we love you. Sorry its so shaky, I couldn't stop laughing.


annie said...

Awesome!! I was afraid she was going to fall over! So funny. What a stinker! oh, and I LOVE the pink hair- it's a good look for her. HA!

Eva Jane said...

That video is awesome! Poor tired little Penny!

Vicky Shawcroft said...

The games to get her to eat are a great idea. Even though she didn't like the taco she took 7 more bites? That's amazing! I think I will try that on James.

Sean said...

Yes, she did. We played other things in between the bites while she was chewing. Like, "everybody touch your nose" or "everybody look so silly" or "everybody shake your body" ... you get the idea. She had no idea that the game was all about getting her to eat. =) And though she didn't enjoy all the bites and was picky about where she took those was HUGE progress for her to not be intimidated by the taco in the first place.


Nikki said...

Oh my gosh! I have tears in my eyes. That was hysterical. It amazes me that children will fight sleep to the very bitter end, but really, sleep is such a sweet end. She is so cute!