Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I love light jacket weather. Penny wanted 'glubs' too but they weren't really needed. We played outside for a few hours the other day just enjoying the sunshine and our friends that we had over. After the soccer game in the driveway and bike riding, we walked up the street to a grassy field and played some more soccer. The boys had a blast and Penny learned how to go potty in the great outdoors.

I love these big brown eyes

We have 6 nativity finger puppets and Penny's favorite is the baby Jesus. She adores this little baby Jesus and carried around with her everywhere for about 4 days. She slept with it and cuddled with it and just loved on it. She's going to be such a good big sister.
Dominic thinks its a treat to sleep on the beanbag. He's only pretending to sleep here. He's such an amazing little guy, I just love him to pieces.

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momhirt said...

i am glad you are so happy with your family. :-)