Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Penny Candits

No nap this day and she finally just crashed, mid-show by leaning forward out of her chair at about 4pm. I love her bottom lip and the little bit of drool forming.

She went poopoo in the potty on Sunday (something she has yet done consistently) and was so proud she wanted everyone to see it. She had to look at it like 10 times before she was ready to flush it.

She loves twistie piggies in her hair (this is what I mean by frazzled hair-do's by the end of the day)

She needed to go potty but she couldn't get the lid up on the toilet and discovered the bottle of powder behind the seat and decided to just play instead of ask for help. Sean heard her jabbering from out in the garage and came in to see her covered in powder (as well as the toilet covered in powder).

I'm sure it felt nice and fresh as it was GOLD BOND MEDICATED

She loves and cuddles on her kittie constantly. Dominic's new thing is to do this whenever he is playing on the floor. I remember doing that ALL THE TIME when I was little and sometimes, I still do.


Spencer said...

Looks like a Hirt bum

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness! LOL! Penny has the greatest personality. She is so funny. I love the powder look and of course those piggies almost make me want to have a girl! She's adorable.