Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Night

At the start of Trunk-or-treating AKA: an easy way to get lots of candy and see all your friends from church in one place.

Running/sprinting from house to house. Penny learned the word Hannah Montana and wanted to follow Hannah (Stella) all over!
There were lots of booty shots.
I couldn't get Penny to touch her halloween costume on Friday morning....when we got home, she had a screaming fit when I made her take it off. I love this picture of Daddy and Penny

At one point she decided to walk and pant like a Doggy (inspired by the doggie across the street.
And then a few minutes later she would put her head on the side of the street every 5 feet. She was being so goofy.
This is the happy candy dance. He must have got a great loot from that house!
I love this profile even though its blurry.........ugh, we need a better camera.

Anam and Sean have great hair.

Penny knew where mom was but couldn't figure out who was under that wig, even though he sounded like Dad
She figured it out and gave him a big smooch. Then told him to take it off.
She wanted a picture with a "bleeeeeeeeeh" face. ...per her request....silly girl
So this was the whole wizard getup. My favorite part of his costume was his wizard staff....I made it with a bamboo stick and a rubber ball with blue glitter inside it. I found some raffia wrapped wire that I was able to work through the bamboo (drilled holes) and use hot glue and lots of wrapping to makem it stay nice and tight. It was pretty cool and he had tons of fun wearing it.

Halloween was a great success this year! We had lots of fun and both the kids loved getting candy! Needless to say we have lots of treats for when Penny goes potty!


annie said...

The first picture is SOOOOO cute! I love Dominic's squished ears and cool stick thing! :o) Penny has the best junk in her elephant trunk! Looks like FUN!

momhirt said...

very awesome. penny is the cutest elephant and dominic is a fantastic wizard. your costume box is going to be a favorite in the years to come!

Eva Jane said...

LOVE the wizard costume, Dominic makes the perfect one too and of course Penny is the cutest elephant I've ever seen.... I can't get over the booty LOVE IT!

LeMira said...

I love that elephant booty!

Britty said...

I sure did love Penny's bum. I'll bet she felt like a new girl when she took that thing off!

Esther said...

Those are great pictures, and great costumes! What cuties!