Sunday, November 15, 2009

All things Dominic

Dominic was playing with his bionicles the other day and decided that they were cool enough to stage his own pictures. There are tons on my camera, including several of the blurry "spin fighting" bakugan. I love boys....I love my boy.
He has my double jointed fingers. Can you tell?
We went and watched The Wizard Of Oz play put on by a local youth acting organization and IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Just as good as the real thing in fact. The witch, monkeys and even that evil lady at the beginning flew around when the time was right. It was absolutely perfect and Dominic loved it. We happened to watch the cast that had his friend KIKI in it from his class last year at school. That was really exiting to look for her throughout the play.

Thanks for a great date Dominic!
Just a fun picture of Dominic and I waiting for the play to start. We wanted to take more goofy ones, but the camera died.


momhirt said...

i think you guys are a perfectly matched set. he's definitely an interesting little guy. love you both.

Lisa said...

Which showing did you guys go see? We saw the 10:00 matinee on Wednesday (Emerald cast.) It was awesome! We are never disappointed by the El Dorado Musical Theater.

annie said...

I used to give Bret my camera and find all sorts of those kind of treasures on it!! That's fun! He's a cool kid! :o)

Nikki said...

you are such a good mom!