Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mary and Joseph Advent Calendar

I've been working on making some advent calendars for my siblings that have little kiddos. I think they are cute and bring the Christmas spirit and anticipation of Christmas day right to where it needs to be: on Christ's birth.

Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem and Baby Jesus comes down from heaven and is put in the manger.
They start in Nazareth and make their way, day by day, to Bethlehem. This is missing the trim on the bottom (just a gold trimming..any will do), but you get the idea.

There are a lot of pieces to these, but you can cut out two at a time and do it with a friend (takes about 2-3 hours from start to finish). Use a hot glue gun to adhere all the pieces. Make sure you SEW the "hook / teeth" pieces of the velcro to the donkey and to the hay behind Baby Jesus before you glue the rest of the pieces onto them. The pieces of velcro that make up the journey are glued then sewn on. Use as fine point a marker as you can to write, this one was a little fatter than I'd have liked. Enjoy! Pattern to follow

Here is the pattern:

It is hard to see on this pattern, but there is a piece of velcro for Mary and Joseph before day 1 by the word Nazareth, as well as a piece for Baby Jesus in Heaven and another just above the manger for when he is born. So, all together there are 28 small pieces of the "fluffy" velcro glued, then sewn, onto the "MAP".


Julia Harps said...

you go crafty girl! I think it's such a cute idea.

annie said...

very fun! :o) She's crafty... and she's just my type (ding da ding ding)