Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Oh, so this was like 3 weeks ago but I just now got to dumping all of my pictures off my camera. This was our first time going to Apple Hill and finding anything worthwhile (the first time we went last year we got there right before everything closed). This particular Saturday was The Teddy Bear Picnic....which basically meant carnival type games for little kids and a small petting zoo.

They had a table of teddy bears that the kids got to choose from and pick 1 bear. Penny picked this fuzzy brown bear. She held it in one hand and then would pick another one, compare the two and then place the other one down keeping this one. She did that about 3 times and then was satisfied that there wasn't going to be another Teddy Bear that was better. Upon further inspection of the bear, it is made of real Alpaca fur and is super soft. A definite great find. Good eye Penny!

There was face painting and Dominic chose a bat. He and Indy had a great time because I let them run loose as long as they stayed together. I would see them now and then amongst the chaos and I think they felt good being on their own. It was a pretty secluded area and I had no worries about them running around together. =) Getting so big!
Penny went through the gymnastics obstacle course about 5 times. She loved it!
She was all smiles about her butterfly painted on her cheek. It was a fun day spent together and we had some yummy cider donuts fresh from the grease pit. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

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What fun!