Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time

In Alaska, you can carve pumpkins right when they come to the store. It doesn't really matter, because as soon as you put them outside, they freeze anyways. There is no chance of them rotting in the frigid temperatures. You can enjoy your artwork for the whole month of October and into December if you wish......that is how it is in Alaska.

California however, rots a carved pumpkin in a matter of 1 week, sometimes less. So, Dominic has been itching to carve his pumpkin all month and yesterday was FINALLY the day. Here lies our adventure

Sean hates the thought of carving pumpkins. Every year he has dreaded the carvings (interestingly enough he was excited to do it the year before we married...putting on the big show I YET, every year when we are done, he admits how much fun it was as a family. I love forcing traditions....*insert evil laugh here*. Perhaps next year, he'll acquire Dominic's excitement for it and be begging to do it on the first day of October, to which I will have to say "Sean, we can't do them yet, please be patient."

Dominic was all grimy and gooey this year, totally loving the gore of the inside of the pumpkin. He LOVES roasted pumpkin seeds so he was determined to get every seed out of the pumpkins. He even offered to help Dad with his. Despite his yucky faces in some of these pictures, he was loving the mess.

Mommy gutting out the inside of Penny's pumpkin and Penny waiting patiently to see it. Dominic had his all drawn out at the point. He drew Penny's face too (we opted for a smiley face for Penny's because she loves smiley faces).

Another yucky face. Grandma was over for dinner and stayed for the carving.

Penny got bored and found the wrapping paper I used for the table (I've had this roll for 6.5 years and use it ALL THE TIME). Amazingly enough, it still has a huge piece left. She pranced this piece around the house and loved the noise it made.
Daddy hard at work on his pumpkin
Penny has discovered the world of drawing circles and LOVES to draw them all the time. We gave her a pen and she drew millions of little circles on the paper.
She also loved the pumpkin seeds. But then again, who wouldn't with all that butter and salt on them right?

We have about 6 pictures of the back of Dominic's head. He kept putting his head right in front of Daddy. =)

Thats it. We love carving pumpkins. A trick we heard this year is to spray the carved parts with Pam to slow down the rotting process (again not needed for those Alaska readers).

Dominic drew his and Penny's and carved Penny's out with no help. I had to help him with his mouth, but he did everything else. He's getting to be quite the carver! He has a pumpkin carving party to go to at a friends house on Wednesday and already mentioned that he's super good at it and can't wait to carve his own pumpkin with his friends. I love him. =)


Nikki said...

Love the pictures...but why don't you look pregnant??!!

momhirt said...

rots and rots of fun!