Thursday, October 01, 2009

Penny tries on the Yip-Yip costume

So sorry, I'm a blogging slacker but here is a fun video to share. This was Dominic's costume 3 years ago. Its still a favorite.

If you don't remember the yip-yips, they were a sesame street alien. You had to be there.


her said...

Cute. Cute.... funny that she pokes herself in the eye with the stick! That costume is the best! I was watching Rose's videos with her the other night and she pulled out one of Micah in his Yip-Yip costume too- hilarious! :o)

Katie said...

Annie? Is that you? Has Rose taken over your identity?

I love the yip-yip always is good for a laugh.

Yes, I didn't notice at the time that she poked her eye with the stick...but when we watched the video we weren't sure how we missed it. She poked it good!