Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last week

Crafty kiddos. We got out the glitter glue pens, some sparkly sequins and paints and markers and let Dominic and Penny make a mess. Penny loves to paint and Dominic loves....*laugh* things that sparkle. It was a fun night creating.

His picture was aliens being attacked

Her's was lots of rainbows she said. She could paint all day but gets bored of the paper and starts to paint on herself after 30 minutes or so..... I don't blame her. Painting on the skin feels cool.
Watching a show with Daddy. She likes it when we watch her shows with her. Her favorite is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but others are Wonderpets, Thomas the train and Shaun the Sheep. She loves the Hot Dog Dance at the end of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and can't resist a good bootey shake even if she's in a bad mood. Isn't her hair awesome?
Sunday nights we all curl up and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition....or as Dominic calls it "The Helping People Show." Dominic picked the snack this time, carrots (thank you Annie, I can never spell that word correctly on the first try). Penny was extra relaxed with her feet up on Daddy's thigh. We love our kiddos.


rachel lee said...

Extreme Makeover Home Edition alway makes me cry! Ha.

Nikki said...

What a brave mom! I love the aliens being attacked with sequens (sp??) idea...way to make it a boy project Domonic!

Ali said...

Dude - I can't hear that song at the end of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse without breaking out into dance either!

annie said...

My kids always beg to do glitter and I always say no. I should pull out the glitter glue- that'd do the same thing and not as much mess! Good Idear. :o)

EMHE is a good show, but I always feel like my emotions are being manipulated.... I like to watch it for the after projects not the emotional stuff! :o) I'm emotionally constipated about stuff like that. HAHA!