Sunday, October 04, 2009


We were skyping with Gma Penny.... and Dominic is showing the magic, disappearing leg behind a blanket trick, learned by Gpa Hirt. Penny decided she knew how to do it also. Dominic's was suprisingly good.
Penny crashed the sleepover movie (Karate Kid....whew thats a long movie!). She lasted about 10 minutes but wanted to be right there in the sleeping bag with Dominic. He's a good brother and doesn't mind her tagging along. It was pretty cute and she was all giggles.
Penny got some new fairy wings....
We bought the movie Iron Will and watched it as a family. Dominic loved it! I love watching good movies that tell a good story, are entertaining, and have decent actors and are suitable for watching as a family (preferrably not a cartoon). We recently purchased Karate Kid and Swiss Family Robinson. What movies do you watch as a family?

Recently Penny LOVES to color. She will color for 45 minutes or more at a time. You should see her horsie coloring book....its full off scribblings, accidental W's and small circles. She loves the pink crayon and loves to pick what color YOU should color with. She's very chatty when she's coloring and her dialogue is enough to split your side. Love her.

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her said...

where the red fern grows!
i bet there is still a copy out at grandma's in Central.