Sunday, October 04, 2009

General Conference Weekend

So this weekend was General Conference Weekend. On Saturday and Sunday The Prophet, as well as members of the Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other leaders who have been asked, council and testify of things they feel prompted are important for us to hear. We stay home from Church (there are no church meetings) and watch this on cable.

So, its kinda boring for the kids....we have them sit and pay attention when we feel the need to have them do so. Otherwise, I just require that they are in the room, doing something while listening. Today, this is what we did.

Trains. Dominic built the tracks and he and Penny then played for quite some time. She loves Dominic's old Thomas The Tank Engine train set.
Between sessions, I gave Dominic and Sean a haircut with our new (and very needed) clippers! We need a few more attatchments before I'll love them, but they cut sooo much nicer than our last ones. Haircuts are stressful for kids, so the faster you can get them down, the happier they are. Dominic.....not so happy.
Both kids needed naps today. This was after they woke up and nearing the end of the second session on Sunday. They were all snuggly. Dominic eventually took off his grumpy pants, which we were all happy for.
Penny loved watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. She had a bottle of water today...not sure why. Daddy's shoes are a bonus to her outfit.

Daddy stinky socks are an added bonus
More trains in the afternoon. We changed up the track a little and it was new fun all over again. Seriously, love this train set and Dominic is so good about setting it up for her.
This was after dinner we finished the ceiling fan in the living room. Sean is rarely home during light hours and so we were finally able to turn off the power and finish installing the fan. It looks great. Penny joined in the fixing and climbing. She loves tools.
Using the power drill. She found the button that made it go.

But pushed it a little too fast and this is her "ooooh, scarey" look. How bout those curls right? I finally combed her hair at about 4pm.
She and Daddy finished the night off with some buttons on the superman computer (she can't pluck these keys off) while Dominic and I played a game of SPEED and WAR. We finished our night off with a bowl of popcorn and a commercial free episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition (or as Dominic calls use to call it...the helping people show). I love Sunday's.

It was a great day and we felt uplifted, inspired and edified by the counsel given. My favorite speaker was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speaking of his and others testimony of the Book of Mormon and how the word of God will be the strengthening staff in these, the latter days. That if we can keep it close, heed its counsels (not just the BOM but all scripture) that we will have the power and direction needed to not be deceived by the ways of the world. There were several others that I loved (Katy, your dad's was wonderful too!) and cannot wait to read when the November Ensign comes out.

Have a great week and until the next camera dump....we'll see you later!


Nikki said...

So I know we're not supposed to have 'favorites' but ELder Holland is my favorite! I have never seen him quite so passionate on a talk before though! It felt like a direct and stern "talkin' to" to those who speak so strongly against our church. However, it was my favorite talk and I LOVE his fire and passion for the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and it was what I needed to hear! I loved it! We only got to watch the Sunday conferences and I loved it all! Can't wait to actually watch Saturdays!

Biking Henrie's said...

I love snuggly kids! And I totally live for Sundays. It's the only day I have Wayne home for a decent amount of time! I just love how I feel on Sundays when I'm not distracted by work or classes or any other activities besides church and family. I hate Sunday night around 9pm...I totally dread Monday morning and the long week ahead until we get another Sunday. BUT, this week we get Monday off to celebrate Alaska Day, so I can enjoy my Sunday until midnight knowing that Monday is another family day! Yay for made-up holidays! :)