Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dinner Fun

Tonight we had mummy dogs...... in keeping with our halloween traditions. This is the 3rd year we've made these and the 3rd halloween we've loved them. You can make these with little smokies or with full sized hot dogs and just wrap biscuit dough around it (or pillsbury stuff if you don't make your own) leaving a spot where the hot dog sticks out on the upper 3/4 of the dog. The kids like them (penny likes the biscuit, she won't eat meat. How is she my daughter? I still offer it to her but just don't care if she actually eats it)
During Dinner Penny started being silly so we took some pictures. Which led to the following. Remember, I had just eaten a hot dog, which I'm pretty sure messes with your brain. I do not wear makeup anymore unless I'm going somewhere where I might see someone I know....which doesn't include the grocery store or post office (my stops today). I mean why...... I'm so beautiful without it *lazy*....lol

I started using proactiv just over a month ago...I love it and only had to doctor out 3 small blemishes from this picture...the rest is all nature-al! Why did I not try this stuff years ago? Its the only face system that actually works on my skin and doesn't dry it out. My skin thanks me everyday
I love that her fingers got involved with the silly face making abilities.
This was the first time Dominic has been able to consciously go cross eyed I think. lol.


Jenny said...

I had bad skin what seemed my entire life. I would go to the dermatologist and she would always say things like she was so sorry for the way my skin was and knew it was hard to go out in public. The acne was so painful. I did every level of Retin -A (creams and gels), oral meds, prescription sulfur masks, you name it (not to mention all of the OTC stuff).
After years and years of getting my elementary-high school pictures retouched I really thought that I was going to be doomed forever.
I was pregnant with Abby (Dec 98)and my face was getting so bad. I called the number on the infomercial and thought what could it hurt, money back guarantee. In 3 days of using it I could not believe the difference. Nathan, Abby, Stan, and I love the mask. Put a dab on before you go to bed and it is amazing how well it works. I am glad you like the product. I stopped using it regularly about 6 years ago, but still use the mask for those occasional pimples. I love the stuff though.

annie said...

Katie I thought you were going to post a picture of your silly face... weird. HARDY HAR HAR HAR!! :o) Fun family memories for sure. I love the hand helping Penny's silly face. Dominic- congrats on the NUKOO!! :o)

Eva Jane said...

I love all the silly faces!!... I'm glad proactive works for you. I was super lucky and had acne that nothing would fix. After $10,000 and still having a gross face I went to accutane.... best decision of my life. If proactive starts not working and you are done with the bun your oven I say march right down to the dermatologist and demand the good stuff!

Esther said...

Haha! What funny faces, and I like how Penny gets her fingers involved with making her face too :)

Jenny said...

I did the accutane, and have to admit that the pregnant lady in the circle with a slash through it didn't calm my nerves while on the stuff even though I was on birtt control (a requirement to be on it back in the day-early to mid 90s). I thought since my skin was going through some crazy stuff on it that it would have to work, but after about 18 months(I want to say I had 4 3month cycles) I couldn't bare the dry lips, face, skin, nose any longer. I also felt really nauseous on it. I do have a lot of friends that did have wonderful results on it though, like EVA JANE!! Glad it worked woman!
Found out later on that it the acne had a ton to do with a hormone imbalance. Good Luck with the all the face stuff!

momhirt said...

looks like you guys are all ready for halloween and won't need masks this year!