Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday fun

We went to a birthday party this weekend at a place like Chuck-E-Cheese but WAY BETTER. Well, not as ghetto anyways. It was an all you can eat buffet of pizza, pasta and salad and desert (each had their own bar) and then tons of games and indoor rides (bumper cars and a train and a whirly one that would have made me spew). It was a lot of fun. Happy 4th Birthday Stella....we had a great time!

Sean looked pretty amazing with his braided hair.

And gma's dentures were a big hit!
Penny loved her glasses and hammed it up!
Dominic had to have a good showing of his too. He was so cute with his fangs in. He's getting so tall! There was a 4th grader there and Dominic was the same height. =)

Darn, none of me.....its okay, they would have just been with me scarfing food anyways........that's all I did! =) It was yummy.

There, I did a post....happy? lol


Julia Harps said...

penny is so cute. SO is dominic. I wonder how tall he will eventually be.

Homemade Addictions said...

I just thinking today, is it really fair that I am almost 14 weeks and still sick. Yet you feel fine! Not fair. J/K

Katie said...

I don't feel amazing...I will admit that. But I wouldn't call it full fledged morning sickness plus I am so extremely tired most days that I may as well be sick because I'm completely dysfunctional.

Sorry, I thought you had been feeling better......... =(

Nikki said...

Love the b-day pix! Shawn's expression with that balloon hat is priceless! haha. So....where are the belly pictures?? Or do you not have a belly yet!!