Monday, October 05, 2009


I read Penny "A Tale of Tails" tonight at bedtime. For the next 10 minutes I heard these phrases:

" Morgen has a tail and Brenna has a tail. Edybody has a tail. Ha ha ha....I'm teasing. Ha ha ha."

"Bret has a tail. No boys have tails. Addison have a tail? I'm teasing."

"Does mommy have a tail? Penny have a tail? Great Grandma have a tail? Elephant has tails and birds has tails.....but mommies and Pennies don't have tails. Boys don't have tails. Dats silly."

I could not help but smile at her silliness and creativity. She loves to point out when others are teasing but this was the first where she'd deliberately made jokes. So funny.


momhirt said...

making sense of the world.... so cute that she is developing a sense of silly.

annie said...

humor: Hirt gene
smarts: Hirt gene
sarcasm: Hirt gene
love: Hirt gene

we've got it all! :o)

howellblog said...

SO FUNNY! Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to read that book to her next time she's over! So nice of her to include Addy in the tail list, too!

Katie said...

I'm a stick in the mud compared to Sean so I'm not sure she got the humor/sarcasm gene from us. But he's definitely not very bright so I'm sure she got the smarts from me.

The Good Life said...

Oh low blow Katie...poor Sean..ha ha ha!