Thursday, August 06, 2009

We're In Alaska!

NO pictures as of yet. We almost didn't land because of the smoke around Fairbanks from the wildfires. But just before we landed there was a sprinkle of rain that cleared up the smoke enough to land. Phew! Otherwise it would have been back to Anchorage and we would have been stuck in Anchorage until they were landing plance (really, I probably would have just driven to Fairbanks at that point.....8 hour drive).

When we landed Penny was alseep. I said "Hey Penny,guess what? We're in Alaska now."

Her eyes sprung open immediately so wide and she said "We're in Alaska! Go see Dominic!" *slight pause* "I'm so happy!"

Which pretty summed up what I was feeling too. So, its still rainy, but not smokey. Which is fine with me. We get plenty of hot weather back in Sacramento I actually like to come here and smell the clean Earth.


Jenny said...

I am so glad that you guys get to have Dominic back. Believe me I know what you have gone through. I was also ready to hop in a car and drive the 7 hours to get my kids! Good Luck! Keep us posted.

Esther said...

How darling that Penny is so excited to see her big brother!
Have a fun trip!

Jenny said...

Hey I am missing your posting. Thanks for the email. Really. It is hard for people to understand sometimes.
I found the book but not the videos. I think I will read the book and then probably email you to ask a few questions.