Wednesday, August 26, 2009


These videos are a couple weeks old now, but better late than never right? Sorry, I've been busy busy busy.

Brenna and Penny had lots of fun the first couple days. After that they were best friends from far away. I love Brenna's laugh in the bathtub. Throwing water on your friends is super silly you know.

The second video is of Penny seeing Dominic after a 6 week absence. She was so giggly and couldn't hug him enough. Dominic being gone was hard on Penny. She stopped sleeping in her own bed, was really clingy and wouldn't let us leave the room, asked for him all the time almost crying. It was super sad but now that he's back home.......its all back to normal. She calls him Dom instead of Dominic about 75% of the time....a name I swore I would never call him as a nickname but when your 1 year old does it, it grows on you. They have been so fun to watch play. They both REALLY missed eachother.


Jenny said...

Penny and Brin are the same age and we are in similar situations in our house during the summer. It is hard to explain how much Brin misses them and how her world it turned upside down when Abby and Nathan leave for 6-7weeks. Brin trailed them for the last 2 weeks and if she didn't see them constantly she would call for them to come to her. She would also want them to follow her around so she could keep them close. As a mother I am hoping they keep this loving bond as they grow older.

Dominic is so good with Penny. Thanks for being there for me lately!

annie said...

I love Brenna's laugh!! Cute videos! :o)

Nikki said...

Are you serious! SHe broke her arm again!!! Maybe you should have her bone density checked!!! JK. Poor Penny! It looks like you all had tons of fun though!

Katie said...

I did ask the doctor about her bones and if I should be worried? He said not if she had a legitimate fall....just luck of the draw. =) She fell on it really wierd.

She'll tell you all about it. lol