Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Penny Sayings

Penny had been all day that the Zufelts while I was painting (her favorite place to go besides home because they ADORE Penny). I had just picked her up and we were headed home when she says after a sigh, "I had a good day"

She says Hi to everyone. I mean everyone we pass (at the store, on the street when riding bikes, whatever). Usually people will say hello back. Those who proceed to have an actual conversation with Penny are always laughing when we say goodbye. She says the funniest things like "you're wearing glasses" or, "Hi Grandma!" (aka old lady) or "What you doing?" or "Look at my nails" (sometimes painted sometimes not...but please, look. She loves her nails. =) After goodbyes and while the people are walking away she ALWAYS says "see you later and....and I love you!" Its extra cute due to the fact that she just started being conscious of saying her L sound correctly so the L in each word is enunciated (spelling please). Not only that but she will keep saying I love you until the people either say it back or are out of sight.

I get to fly to Alaska on Wednesday to go get Dominic. I laugh at the thought of all the people who are going to be sitting around us listening to Penny jabber for a 2 hour flight and then a 3.5 hour flight. Its like the ON button broke while it was going full speed. We can't shut her up! I don't mind it.....I love it in fact. She has such a personality.

House update:

We're all moved in. We spend our first night here on Saturday night. Some random stuff is still at Gma's house and we'll get it over here over the next few days before I leave to Alaska. We're waiting to post anymore pictures till its all done. We're getting close. We love our new house and the space we have to play and work all in one place. We would love visitors anytime so come on over!


Merilee said...

SO cute! Sounds like her and Parker have pretty similar personalities. :) I love their intensity and passion for life.

Nikki said...

I'm soooo jealous. We have had absolute DRAMA with trying to buy a place and now it looks like we will not be able to at all. I'm holding back tears at seeing your wonderful new home. But I really happy for you guys...even if you did go to the 'other' ward! I'll be in Oregon for 2 weeks then I'd love a playdate if you're up for it. I want to hear Penny's conversation.

momhirt said...

we'll be right there! yeah, i wish.