Wednesday, August 26, 2009

pictures from Alaska

So, we have been home for 2 weeks, but I'm just now getting on a schedule enough to be able to blog. =)

Dominic, Brenna and gage made soup while I washed dishes. They had raw noodles and garden carrots in a little bit of water and loved it! Add loud pans and cooking spoons and you've got your self 45 minutes of entertainment! =)
After bathtime. Penny and Brenna had their moments of best friends / worst friends. Penny knew she shouldn't be pushing Brenna, but she got a couple sly ones in anyways. It went both ways all week. They were both stinkers.......cute, but stinkers. This was about 20 minutes before she broke her arm again. I love these jammies...both Brenna and Penny were so squishy and soft in them. =)
Bathtime was so fun! I love the little bums sticking out of the water. They kicked and splashed and the echo's of laughter from the tub were awesome.
Penny called her Roses . I love Rose.
Shoving sand down her splint. OH joy.

I loved that I could just send them out to play. My parents live on almost 6 acres of Alaska playground....the great outdoors. =) The kids LOVED it.

Are you wondering what that contraption is? My dad and oldest brother started welding together a fishwheel for fishcamp. They've only ever had one fishwheel going but they hope to add this one to the cache. =) Copper River Reds and Kings are DELISH!
They tied themselves together and pranced around. Sometime they would forget and walk the rope into a tree outside. It was pretty funny to watch. Morgen, Bret and Dominic played so well together this summer. I really enjoyed listening to them play! We had a lot of fun in Alaska.

We picked and made (I watched) raspberry jelly
Played with our friends and family
Penny broke her arm again, made a record 1.5 hour visit to the ER
Made a new stroller seat for the toy stroller we have at home
Watched a movie with James that was burned and so it blurped about every 2 seconds
Had a super delicious salmon dinner that my dad cooked
Fed the missionaries
Took a pregnancy test since I was almost 2 weeks late (negative-O)
Made long distance Doctor appointments for Penny to get a cast on when we got home
Went to the library in the truck with a camper on back... why not?
Had some friends over and let all 17 kids play outside together
Went for a walk up to the hayfields with Annie, Rose, Dominic, Penny and 3 of Annies kids
Saw the Caribou at the University...what happened to the pigs?

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Lisa said...

Sounds like the stuff that memories are made of. What a fun trip!