Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swimming Girler

To say Penny loves to swim is an understatement. She absolutely obsesses over the water. If we aren't in it, she's asking to go in it a few times a day. When I tell her when we are going she repeats it to me until we actually go (go to beach tomorrow, to to Ryders house soon). I have to stay 5 inches away from her at all times because she will dunk herself underwater but doesn't always have the balance to get her feet below her to get back up, nor can she kick herself hard enough to get her head above water. She's as much a goof in the water as she is out and we LOVE taking her swimming.

So, if any of you want to go swimming, bring it.....we're game.

Thanks Lyons for a great pool party yesterday! We had lots of fun.


Nicole said...

She is so brave. I love it.

Merilee said...

Ya, she is one brave girl. My boys cling to me for dear life in the pool.