Friday, July 10, 2009

My garden

My garden is really sad. Its not very big. My soil was very deficient in a nutrient because I only used 1 type of compost instead of 3 (lazy is all). Now I know. I had to use some fertilizer and now it seems to be sprucing up but I'm not sure what, if anything, I'll be able to harvest from it. My tomato plants should be 4 times the size they are and have green tomatos on them already. Oh well.
Here is 4 stalks of corn, some more tomatoes and a pot of pumpkins that Dominic is eager to see when he gets back. We shall see. We have about 7 ears of corn already that are not fully grown. Remember the corn you planted one year Dad? Good times.


momhirt said...

not exactly iowa but you gave it a good try! the broccoli in my garden has about 6 leaves per plant while others are harvesting.... maybe you have my talent (or lack thereof!) ;-)

Julia Harps said...

You are cool for gardening at all. SOmeday I want to get it together enough to organize myself and garden.

annie said...

Dad has planted corn more than once... in fact, just last year he had some. Some day he'll get corn from his plants... someday. :o)

Why are all your plants in pots? Could that be another reason they are not getting as big as they should? (I have no idea- just asking)

Sean said...

No, its not because they are in pots (Square Foot Gardening is all about using pots and beds for gardening instead of gardening right in the ground). Its because I only used one compost instead of mixing 3 composts when I made my soil. The soil should have been

1 part vermiculite
1 part peat moss
1 part 3 different types of compost

I messed up on the compost when I bought the stuff, I forgot to buy 3 different composts and bought only one. When I realized my mistake I was too anxious to fix it...... I wanted to plant! Next time I will make sure I do it right.

Homemade Addictions said...

Do you have enough full sun on the tomatos? If I do not get enough sun during the day I have that problem. Any word on your house?

Sean said...

Oh yes, they get plenty if sun. It is clearly a nutrient deficiency as they were yellow and small. Sad right? Once I gave them fertilizer they have taken you could should have taken the extra day to get the right compost instead of hastily planting anyways.

We are closing on our house sometime late in the week of the 19th. We'll have a house warming party when we're all moved in and comfy. =) Next year right? j/k

and this is Katie, not Sean. =)