Friday, July 03, 2009

Cameron Park Lake!

There is a creek that feeds into the Cameron Park Lake (small lake) that years ago they dammed up, chlorinated the water (I don't know how...but they did and its great!) and brought in a bunch of beach sand. Its our own little beach here in our community and its so great and perfect. We have been a few times a week and absolutely love it! Today some friends of ours from our Apartment Complex in Sacramento and that we went to church with came and played with us all afternoon and into the evening at the lake. I hope they come again.

The water is quite shallow. Even past the rope it is shallow. It goes out for quite a while and the deepest it gets is 10.5 feet, I think. Penny was pretty brave today and went underwater several times and kept coming up with a big smile. By the end of our night there she was dunking herself underwater by counting to 3 first and then I would stand her back up. So goofy.
Do boogers dissinigrate (Sean please spellcheck that word for me) in chlorinated water?
Swimming baby! She loved kicking in the water and trying to swim.

Penny's friend McKaylee

Sean's girls. =)

All wrapped up and ready to go. I undid her towel when it was time to go and put her on my hip which was soon followed by a warm sensation running down my side. Thanks for peeing Penny!


Lisa said...

We love the lake too- I'm surprised we haven't seen you there yet! We'll have to plan a trip together. It's such a safe place for the kids.

momhirt said...

fun day! except for getting peed on :-(

Katie said...
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annie said...

So fun... except for the pee, yes. The picture of her and her friend is cute. :o) It'll be fun to see her around Hay Way next month!

Esther said...

You guys are so cute! I'm happy you are having a way fun Summer!