Monday, June 01, 2009


Putting thimbles on Daddy's fingers takes a lot of concentration.
Her favorite sunday movie is FEED MY LAMBS. It has lots of lambs in it and she LOVES the little "YAMS" She sat here on Daddy's lap for the whole movie (25 minutes)
Yogurt popsicles are soooo good. She wouldn't even share.
Her hair finally fits in a little "piggies". They are so cute. When putting them in (I sit her on the counter so she can see what I'm doing to her hair) she looked up and said "yook yike Cafrin." (look like Catherine) She has a little friend Catherine who wears her hairs in piggies quite often. I thought it was funny that she even noticed.....but I'm not surprised.... it seems that nothing gets past her.


Lisa said...

I caught a glimpse of her in church yesterday and I thought her hair looked cute. Was she in pigtails? I loved when Ashlee reached the age where I was able to put her hair up. Kaitlyn is almost there!

momhirt said...

they don't come much cuter! love that girler.

Julia Harps said...

cutest pigtails!

cambridgeclan said...

She is so cute. Catherine loved it when Levi told her that story.

Anonymous said...

those pigtails are to die for... too cute!