Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mommy son date night

Sean had a lot of work to do one night and Penny was down for a long late nap because she was sick. So, Dominic and I packed up and went to ........ THE ELDORADO FAIR. It wasn't all that exciting really, but we saw what cool things there were to see and had a great time!
Dominic was attatched to some long and big rubber bands that someone pulled on the other end to make him go up and down so he could do tons and tons of front and back flips. I was surprised how much he liked flipping and was proud of him for trying a new thing and being brave!
He got to go up on stage to help with the magic show. It was really stinking cute and I loved every minute of it (not necessarily because the magic show was all that great but because Dominic's shy posture is to die for).
There was a live shark demonstration and a guy actually GOT IN THE TANK WITH THESE SHARKS. It was very cool.

Dominic got to sit in and push all the buttons on this cop car. He was on cloud nine!
I love this picture and will probably frame it real big. He's so funny, I love this expression. Do you think thats a Norris nose mom?

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