Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Dominic

We have a 7 year old. That is crazy to me. 7 years ago was so long ago! Needless to say we love this little *ahem* excuse me...BIG guy to pieces. He is such a goofy sweet kid. We got to have his birthday at Dan and Julia's house with some of Dominic's cousins there. It as lots of fun and the perfect sized party. =)

He's such a good kiddo. Sean said on Friday at Disneyland "we're pretty lucky, we've got such great kids." Disneyland sure brings out good feelings..... Dominic said, "I'm going to have really good dreams tonight" while we sat there watching the fireworks. It was such a fun trip. More pictures to come of disneyland when I get them!

Who looks more excited about the present...Dominic? Or Denali. Funny, I have a picture from some year in the past with Denali just as excited about him opening that present. Love her and her goofy cross-eyes (she kept going cross eyed and telling me how easy it was to do.....see?.....what a goof).
The cupcakese were yummy. Denali did the sprinkles.
Happy boy. We love you Dominic and are so glad you are in our family! Way to go big number 7!

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Vicky Shawcroft said...

I can't believe he is seven already. Will these kids stop growing so fast?