Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vaseline, not just for lips

Penny found Grandma's stash of vaseline in her room so she dug right in. I heard her go in there and then it was just too quiet for a few minutes. I went in to see what all the non-noise was all about and found her elbow deep in a HUGE vat of vaseline. Since she'd already done the deed, we pulled out the camera and watched her play with what was all over her body. I imagine it felt very cool (to the 17 month old mind) because her hands were slipping and sliding all over her body and she was a giggling mess.

I washed her hair in the bath about 10 times and this is still how much vaseline was in it when she got out. It could still stand on end at any given part of her head. It took another 3 days for it to be completely gone. Sean said the bath-tub was a bit slippery the next day when he went to take a shower.
Her skin was nice and supple though. Dominic is such a goof and brings so much laughter into our day.


Britty said...

Oh my goodness, is she one of my children? We've been there countless times. It's fun to see how other kids "explore" like mine!

We are excited to see you on Saturday!

Nikki said...

OH MY GOSH! I was laughing hysterically! This is too cute! Adam's mom once found her youngest son in the kitchen covered head to toe in shortening and squishing huge globs of it between his fingers and eating it. MMMMM! Hey, babies want soft skin...maybe they know something we don't.