Friday, May 22, 2009

Today was the day

Mom, do you still have these pictures on CD or who does? The only one I have is this picture of the picture:

Usually when I drop Dominic off from school I give him a kiss and then tell him, "Have a great day, I love you, be good!" I keep waiting for the day when its not cool anymore. Today was it. Today I kissed him, and

he said "Do you think its embaressing if someone sees us kiss?"

I said, "No, I don't.... but what do you think?"

"Yes. I don't think anyone saw us though. At least, I hope not"

I laughed and sent him away. After school we often hold hands and walk to the car. Wonder when he'll realize people might see us doing that. I frowned the whole way home......he's getting too cool for mom already. Good thing none of his friends can see us snuggling before bedtime. I'll get my kisses in then.


Julia Harps said...

I tell my kids to be extra naughty when I drop them off and they never listen to me!
ammon will still let me kiss him but he has to glance and see that no is watching!
Love those kiddos. mmm-mmm!

Esther said...

How cute! I love the relationship you and Dominic have, it's so sweet :)

Allie Linford said...

We finally found you, long lost friend. How is your life going? It looks pretty good from what we can see. We are also adding you to our bloglist. Very cute family. You look very happy!!! It's so nice to see you that way!

Britty said...

That is sort of heartbreaking, isn't it? I keep wondering when Brady will clue in that I ask him to give me kisses about 50 times a day. I know my time will come soon enough too.

It's all about that "Love You Forever" book, right? I can see us climbing into bed when they're teenagers just to cuddle with them. :)

Cristin said...

I love that first picture. That is really cute. I remember when my youngest sister told me to stop holding her hand when we were in public. She was 8.

littlefox said...

I'm glad you could laugh it off. I am dreading that day so much. But glad to hear he hasn't stopped being cuddly when no one sees! There's nothing like the tender moments of love from a young boy! Priceless.

Merilee said...

whenever someone talks about that happening, it makes me so sad. I don't ever want that day to come! :(
I love how Dominic cuddles with you though. That is SO sweet. I hope Hayden will still do that when he is his age, he is my cuddle bug right now.
You are such a great Mom!

Homemade Addictions said...

OK so sad! I never want that to happen even though I know it will.

The Mattesons said...

That is a sad day. Hunter is like that on and off, but he too makes sure he gets to snuggle and have kisses at bedtime. They are going up too fast!