Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teacher present

I decided this year to make a game for Mrs. Roderick's classroom as a thank you to her for all her work as a teacher this year. They play a lot of games after their work is done and this one I know that 1st graders will love. I wish I would have done it at the beginning of the year so that Dominic could have played with it!

I took an idea and expanded on it. First, I put two magnets together with hot glue and sandwiched the string inside. I made the rope the length of the stick and added a washer at the bottom so that it stored easily without twisting around the others (I'm giving her 6 poles). I screwed a hook into the end of the pole where I fastened the non-magnet end of the string. I put a vinyl window in the fish so that you could slide in things to work on like:

spelling words
fact families (list 8,4,12 and they have to give all four facts to that family)
numbers (decide before you play if you are + or - what specific number to the number in the fish)
words (I'll do this with Penny)


they really are a versatile little fishing game.

You could even use this for family home evening or any other concept you want to teach. Just tuck the slips of paper with whatever you want taught into the clear window of the fish and let your kids

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Amy said...

Super Cute! That would be good to have around for teaching your children and for a fun game. Thanks for the idea.