Wednesday, May 20, 2009


These are my favorite popkizzles ever. They are homemade and have vanilla yogurt and fresh smashed strawberries........mmmmmmmmm so goooooooood. But, as Penny says "they are heavy" =)


Lisa said...

Yum, I want one of your homemade popkizzles! Hook me up with the recipe.

Penny is to-die-for cute (like always.)

Katie said...

Hee hee...Lisa....recipe:

Vanilla Yogurt
stawberries put through blender

layer inside a popkizzle mold and poke to the bottom with a knife to swirl a little. Put in freezer overnight. =)

her said...

i just watched this video like four times. she is so cute! i can't wait for you guys to get up here!!

The Good Life said...

katie I love her! Where did you get your HUGE popscicle holder?

Katie said...

Target. It can make 4 popkizzles (hee hee) and was like $2.50 or something.

momhirt said...

another word for the family "language".... Popkizzle... i love it.