Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gaining weight

Today Dominic says:

Mom, its so wierd....I put one foot on the scale and it was 50 pounds and then I put the other foot on the scale and it was 50 pounds. But when I put both feet on the scale its still only 50 pounds. I just don't get it, I should weigh 100 pounds! And no matter how hard I try to press down while I'm standing it won't do more than 50....its so wierd!

"I love you Dominic" -mom

A few months ago he ran around the house a few times, did some pushups, jumped rope and then ate a few carrots. I didn't pay any attention to it until he came into the living room sulking.

"Whats wrong Dominic?"

"I did tons of exercise and ate good food so that I could get bigger, but I still only weigh 50 pounds! I don't get it!"

We had a talk about long term habits that make changes to our body...... he gets it now.

So cute, as my friend Chris would say, he's 50 pounds of pure solid muscle.


momhirt said...

he's basically a hirt. he is not going to gain any weight or size to speak of until he is a sophomore or junior in high school. he'll be thankful later on when he's 35 and not getting much of a spread!

Julia Harps said...

that was too cute!!!

Esther said...

Haha! Cute story :)

Amy said...

That's so cute! Amazing how young it starts that guys want to "be bigger". That's great he's aware of living a healthy life- exercise and eating well. YOu have set a good example.

Jenny said...

I remember when Nathan started to mention things about his weight. It is very cute to see how their minds work. Nathan is 12 and still wondering when he is going to "bulk up" and talks about wanting to start lifting weights.

- Murphy boys aren't very bulky. I agree with your Mom, when he is 35 (James is 34) he will be glad for his great genes.