Friday, May 01, 2009

Clippies with a Grippie!

I got a sample of these clips in the mail (for Penny) and they are super fabulous. The makers of MacyMae clippies have put a non-slip silicone sticker on their clips so that they don't come out of your little bundles hair and.....THEY REALLY DO WORK! I know that I have some big hair clips that have this and it is the only thing that keeps them in and functional by the end of the day. So, when I was contacted about the little girl ones my first thought was "GENIOUS!"

Now....if only they could make a little finger trap that stopped Penny from PULLING them out.

Check out the site to see more fabulous clippies from Macymae (please make sure you use this spelling when looking them up or you will see porn)

You can also use the coupon code MacyMae for 25% off all MacyMae sets!
Good till May 15th


jd said...

hmmm. I am gradually going bald, I might need to order some. Thanks for the tip!

Katie said...


Britty said...

I've never seen them with the silicone strip. I'll have to look for those. What's up with the free samples? I need to get in on that!!!