Thursday, May 07, 2009

before and after

Before she goes to bed (post bath-time).....look at those ringlets!
Sorry its out of focus...our camera is old

After she wakes up....hahahah


Julia Harps said...

SOoooooo cute!

Cristin said...

Okay, so she's human. Her hair always looks so great in every picture! It's nice to see an after bath one.

Lindsay JJ said...

That is how my girls hair is too. (Although the ringlets aren't as tight.) By morning they look like rag-a-muffins. I try to simulate it with a squirt bottle but it never seems to work the same. Too bad bath time in the morning is a near impossibility!
Penny's ringlets are adoreable!

momhirt said...

i think she has a pug nose, size 1.

Nonnie and Papa said...

She reminds me alot of Rose when she was little. So adorable!