Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where does Penny get her curls?

People keep asking where Penny gets her curls. Being that Sean's hair is short and/or gone it isn't always apparent that it comes from him. Mine is straight and so her curls look like they appeared from nowhere. However, here is proof of Sean's locks. He's probably around.....3 or 4 here?

Also, if you've ever wondered if Sean looks like his mom or you know.

I love this picture.


momhirt said...

love the hair....... that's a great picture.

The Good Life said...

Too cute! Paige is 50/50. I agree Penny is Sean's clone!

jd said...


Is that picture for real?? It looks like one of those that are always circulating around the Interwebsuperhighway!

Katie said...

yes it is 100% authentic and real. ..... isn't it fabulous? I LOVE it.