Saturday, April 04, 2009

Say hello to Dominic

Thank you Dylan for the great idea:

My name is Dominic these are some droings that I did on the cumpooter rite me a note back.


Julia Harps said...

this is Dylan.
I can't believe how good you are.
love Dylan.

Julia Harps said...

this is your crazy aunt, Julia. I laughed at the picture of you with the goggles on. YOu are very talented at computer art. I think you are cool. Keep up the good work.
I love you. ~julia

Katie said...


This is your mom. I can see your brain. Which is proof that you have one..... =)

I love you lots and lots and will never wipe your kisses away.

annie said...

Dominic- You are awesome! We love you and are happy we get to see you in the summer!

momhirt said...

do you mean that you could see his brain up his nose? that is a crazy picture, dominic. drawing with the computer is fun, but hard. you are doing a great job. see you next week!

Jenny said...

Your computer art was pretty cool. You are also great at typing. Do you have a typing class at school? Tell your mom thank you for taking such a fun picture of you.
The Fuller Fam

Unknown said...

Hi Dominic!

I think that is the most handsome picture I've ever seen of you! Someday you'll have to show me all your great computer skills.

I love you!

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Grandma Penny said...

Hi Dominic,

What an amazing artist you are, thank you for sharing your pictures. You looked different in your goggles, than I remembered from last summer. Did you change your hair?

Love you.