Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Penny pics

She loves being wrapped up in a towel. In fact, as of late, she asks for a towel as panic-like as she asks for her plug. Its like she's going to keel over if she doesn't get it. She calls it a ta-bull and the sign for towel is to die for.......she thinks its a fun sign which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch her to it

(to sign towel: put your hands in fists on either side of your head moving them in a forwards/backwards motion pretending to wash the back of your neck with a towel).
Sweet kisses from Daddy.
So then she wanted her boots on and for us to chase her. This is her "chase me" face that she does while she pants (which is the noise we make when we chase if we are out of breath). She's a hoot.
Can't contain herself. Her laughs are so silly....but her squeals are an absolute delight.

So Sleepy

This one made me laugh. She loves these pajamas because one of her favorite songs is the eency weency spider (sigh-ber) which she sings, The eency weency horsie, kitty, sigh-ber, doggie etc..
This is the hat she wore while swinging on the porch in Fairbanks. Totally goofy but warm. No I didn't make it, I don't even know where I got it. You should have seen the hat-head that came after.
She fell asleep watching Tom and Jerry before dinner time. Apparently we had a pretty long day. Grandma noticed her slumped over and we laughed ourselves silly with how cute it was. Dominic had to pose with her.


Julia Harps said...

the last photo didn't show up and I am wanting ot see it!
she is so cute. I love the red boots and the nakedness.

The Good Life said...

Paige has those same boots we always sing "these boots were made for walkin..." So cute! We miss you guys!

Lisa said...

Your posts about Penny make me smile every time. Love that little girl!

annie said...

Could she be any cuter??!! Golly what a ham!