Saturday, April 18, 2009

Babysteals Turns 1

I heard about Babysteals before they launched and was SO EXCITED for two reasons:

1) I could easily and quickly get old inventory of Blush out of my house and into Jana's (sorry Jana! lol)

2) I couldn't wait for all the great bargains on essential stuff that I wouldn't otherwise have found myself.

I check their site every morning and love the innovative products that they find. My favorite by far (besides my own right?) is the bi-cal shoes. Loooooove them...and snag a pair every time they go on. Their shipping is incredibly fast and they have great customer service (does Gmail chat count as customer service?)

Great job Babysteals! You make the world a better place and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Here's a video for you.

Annie if I win I'll share it with you, since I really learned about this contest through your blog.


Lisa said...

Thanks, Katie. I just subscribed. Do they only feature one product a day?

Katie said...

Yup, only one product every day until it sells out....which on some things can be pretty fast.