Friday, April 17, 2009

Alaska for Easter

We were up in Alaska the week before Easter and over Easter weekend so Dominic could visit with his Dad. They had a great time.....most of my pictures as of late are of Penny cuz well...Dominic wasn't with us. I'll make sure to catch up with some Dominic posts soon.

Penny loves swings and didn't care that it was cold out. There were two swings on the porch and a hammock. I would rock her to sleep sometimes (all bundled in a blanket of course) on the hammock but she could swing like this in the airplane for an untold amount of time squeeling "weeee weeee weee!"
My parents front yard. Notice the 9 foot tetherball pole....yes, we take tetherball seriously at the Hirt farm.
A friend of ours (Thanks Kristi and family!) put on an easter egg hunt every year. There is still snow on the ground so really there's no HIDING or hunting, its more like an easter gathering....but its fun nonetheless. By the time I left a week after this picture was taken, lots of this snow was gone and there was tons of dirty brown snow...but this was kinda pretty still. =)
It was Penny's first experience and once she discovered that there was CANDY in the eggs....she as all over it. She got a rainbow egg which allowed her to pick a prize........
She picked this cute little chick which she loves and adores. While skyping with Daddy and Grandma she would shove it at the computer and yell "take it" "hug it." She loves her animals.
She made the chick play piano
She drug the chick everywhere. We even drew a freckle on the bottom of the chick's foot to match Penny's. She thought that was silly and kissed the freckle over and over and then would find hers and kiss it. She's trying to get to the chocolate bunny.
Penny's cousin Brenna is 8 months older than Penny......Penny measured almost an inch taller. They were cute little buds and got to hang out for a couple hours before it was bedtime. Penny was ecstatic to see her and kept asking "where Brenna go? Where James go?" We left SUPER EARLY the next morning.

Penny and Brenna serenaded us on the piano. Penny was a bit bossy....and kept asking Brenna if she had an owie and what happened...not sure what she was talking about cuz we couldn't find one. I just LOVE their fat little fingers.


Nicole said...

I love the video!!! They are so sweet and cute together! I'm so bummed my kids were sick while you were visiting - Eliana was glued to the computer while I was watching the video and I'm sure she would have had a blast with the girls. :)

annie said...

SUPER CUTE!!! I love the video (DO IT!) of them together. THey are little buds. I'm not surprised Penny is taller now.... we raise runts. :o) It was too quick, but great to see you two. I didn't even get a hug- RUDE. :o) After you left Brenna was ALL over those swings! I have a feeling we're all going to be tired of them by the end of the summer!

momhirt said...

good girlies. can't wait for summer.

Jenny said...

What a cute video - Brin made me play it several times. She loves to sit at our piano and play while I sew. She kept saying "more my buddies".

Lisa said...

Penny is such a talker- I love that little girl! Brenna looks like the soft, sweet type. Cuties!