Thursday, April 23, 2009

92 yesterday

Yesterday, it was HOT (today its cold and windy) so we had to get out old Elle the elephant and turn on the hose. It was perfect.

Penny wasn't so sure at first and wouldn't get any closer than this. Dominic and Indy sprayed eachother and took many many drinks from Elle.
Indy Sprays Dominic. It was loads of fun as you can see by the smiles
Penny watched them take drinks over and over and finally decided to give it a go. Squinting helps.
She loved getting wet!

She tried over and over to get Elle's nose to reach Indy and Dominic so she could spray them. The bottom of Elle is weighted down with water and so it was too heavy to drag around. She tried though...grunts and all.

So good!

Here mom, you try. She got the camera wet and that ended it, little scamp


The Mattesons said...

Your kids are so cute...and I love the squinting! We are wishing it was warm enough for a sprinkler here, but it is warm enough for no coat most days!

The Wiseman Life said...

She is so addorable! I love the hat!