Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Mormons Build Temples

I thought this video was a great depiction of ....well......why Mormons build temples. In light of some recent events surrounding how sacred it is and the covenants in which we make there, I found this a great explanation to the non-mormon community to explain the difference between secret and sacred and WHY we build so many temples. As in Biblical times, temple worship and covenants are a necessary and vital part of our day as well.

And.....enjoy some of the comercials that are on there too....I found some of them quite comical.


momhirt said...

i watched a bunch of the mormon ads as well. i liked the swordfighting one. "the princess is sleeping."

Katie said...

that was Dominic and my favorite cute!

Lindsay JJ said...

Thanks for sharing. I never get a chance to check out youtube. The church has some great stuff out there. I hope we see those adds on TV someday.